Yonka Crème 155

  • Reduces cellulite and fat deposits
  • Trim figure by stimulating exchanges
  • Reduces spongy skin
  • Recommended before and after exercise
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Crème 155

(4.4 oz)


  • Ideal all skin types
  • Highly balsamic phyto-aromatic cream
  • Reduces local cellulite and fat deposits
  • Helps to trim the figure by stimulating exchanges
  • Reduces hyper-sensitivity and reduces spongy skin
  • Highly recommended before and after exercise


  • Key ingredients: Kawa-kawa, Nutmeg, Capsicum, Ash and essential oils

Great for all skin types, Crème 155 helps reduce hyper-sensitivity, spongy skin, fat deposits and local cellulite. This is recommended to use before and after exercise and will help trim the figure by stimulating exchanges.

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