Top Rated Satin Foot Deep Exfoliation Peel for Feet at Home Peel

  • HOME SPA EXPERIENCE: Gentle foot chemical peel and mask designed with skin smoothing and moisturising ingredients to get rid of coarse, dull and dead skin and callouses to leave your feet softer than a baby foot. The soft skin beneath the surface will benefit from oxygen to promote healthier feet.
  • CONTAINS 2 BOOTIES in each package. Should be used once a month or in between pedicure treatments for softer smoother feet and toes. Eliminate unwanted flakiness, odor causing dry skin and unsightly callus (es) that leave your feet itchy and uncomfortable.
  • REMOVE ODOR CAUSING BACTERIA on your feet and between toes. Pain-free at-home pedicure treatment to remove hardened skin and calluses from the feet. Only takes 60 minutes while you are watching TV to revive energy to your heels, toes, and arches.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY ALL NATURAL EXTRACTS: Organic Asian extracts help RELIEVE FATIGUE, ENHANCE APPEARANCE and give your feet, skin that feels like baby feet. No more need for cream, gel, lotion, electric file shaver, or as seen on tv amope micro pedi or Grace & Stella foot mask.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - if your feet don't feel softer than baby goose down return within 30 days for a full refund. Your feet will thank you.
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Satin Foot Deep Exfoliation Peel for Feet

(2 Sock Pack)


  • Suitable for women 8+, and men 8+
  • Introducing the fastest, most effective way to get softer, callus free feet!
  • Luxurious in-home pedicure treatment
  • Citrus scented
  • Removes hardened, callused skin in just one application and very little effort
  • For best results use once a month and in between pedicure treatments
  • Contains glycolic, salicylic and lactic acid

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