June Jacobs Brightening Serum

  • Reduces unwanted pigmentation
  • Combats visible signs of aging
  • Balance and even out skin tone
  • Helps reduce hyperpigmentaion
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June Jacobs

Brightening Serum

(1 oz/30 ml)


  • Ideal for hyperpigmentation skin types
  • Powerful brightening serum
  • Promotes cellular turnover to reduce unwanted pigmentation
  • Combats the visible signs of aging


  • Lactic Acid exfoliates and promotes new cell production
  • Lemon, Mulberry and Licorice Root Extract balance and even out the skin tone
  • Etioline a botanical complex that helps reduce hyperpigmentation

June Jacobs Spa Collection is a luxurious face & body line completely free of preservatives and parabens. Each product contains high quality ingredients with a patent pending antioxidant blend of tea extracts and free radical neutralizers.

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