glominerals Brush Cleaner

  • Brush cleaner
  • Great for both synthetic and natural brushes
  • Disinfects brushes
  • Extends the brushes' life
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Brush Cleaner


  • Avoid color build up and bacterial growth with this brush cleaner
  • Brushes should be cleaned regularly to avoid spreading bacteria
  • Use this brush cleaner on both synthetic and natural brushes


  • Isopropyl Alcohol disinfects brushes to prevent bacteria growth
  • Melissa Officnalis (Balm Mint) Essential Oil is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory

Cleaning your brushes regularly has shown to extend your brushes life and keep them free from bacteria. Glominerals Brush Clean can be used to clean natural hair brushes and synthetic brushes. Cleaning your brushes prevents color build up and mixing to promote healthier brushes and a healthier you!

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