Lanza Healing Style Beach Spray 3.4 oz
LanzaHealing Style Beach Spray(3.4 oz)Benefits Creates tousled, wind swept hair styles with natural waves and separation This unique styling formula...
Lanza Healing Style Contour Fiber Cream 3.5 oz
LanzaHealing Style Contour Fiber Cream(3.4 oz)Benefits Separate, define and detail Control Factor: 6 of 10
Lanza Healing Style Design F/X 10 oz
LanzaHealing Style Design F/X(10 oz)Benefits Lightweight with a flexible hold Quick-drying formula Allows for natural movement that is always brushable...
Lanza Healing Style Design Foam 7.1 oz
LanzaHealing Style Design Foam(7.1 oz)Benefits Offers flexible support and fullness Contains keratin healing system color preservers Gives hair a soft...
Lanza Healing Style Dramatic F/X 10 oz
LanzaHealing Style Dramatic F/X(10 oz)Benefits Recommended for daytime wear Captures and holds finished styles Provides strong support
Lanza Healing Style Mega Gel 6.8 oz
LanzaHealing Style Mega Gel(6.8 oz)Benefits For control of a sleek, sculpted style For a wet look that stays in place,...
Lanza Healing Style Molding Paste 6 oz
LanzaHealing Style Molding Paste(6 oz)Benefits Thickens and delivers more density to the hair Keratin healing system heals, seals, and protects...
Lanza Healing Style Powder Up Texturizer 15g
LanzaHealing Style Powder Up Texturizer(15g)Benefits Allows natural movement & separation that lasts throughout the day Hold Factor: 6 of 10...
Lanza Healing Style Sculpt Dry Clay 3.5 oz
LanzaHealing Style Sculpt Dry Clay(3.5 oz)Benefits This non-greasy clay formula allows for stronger grip Bolder textures and enhanced control Ideal...
Lanza Healing Style Shape Putty 3.5 oz
LanzaHealing Style Shape Putty(3.5 oz)Benefits Shapes and maintain Lightweight non-greasy
Lanza Healing Style Spray Gel 8.5 oz
LanzaHealing Style Spray Gel(8.5 oz)Benefits This hard-hold gel delivers ultimate support for sleeking, sculpting or spiking Provides the strongest hold...
Lanza Healing Style Taffy 2.5 oz
LanzaHealing Style Taffy(2.5 oz)Benefits An ultimate hold styling glue Developed with Keratin Healing System that preserves hair color Contains rainforest...
Lanza Healing Style Texture Cream 4.2 oz
LanzaHealing Style Texture Cream(4.4 oz)Benefits 100% authentic, new and unused Adds texture, volume and shine Provides long-lasting resilient support with...
Lanza Healing Volume Final Effects 10 oz
LanzaHealing Volume Final Effects(10 oz)Benefits Maximum hold Volumizing aerosol hair spray
Lanza Healing Volume Root Effects 7.1 oz
LanzaHealing Volume Root Effects(7.1 oz)Benefits Spray to foam volumizer Extreme root lift Maximum texture
Lanza Healing Volume Zero Weight Gel 6.8 oz
LanzaHealing Volume Zero Weight Gel(6.8 oz)Benefits Alcohol-free Super hold Adds texture and body
Schwarzkopf Bonacure Smooth Perfect Smoothing Cream 6.8 oz
SchwarzkopfBonacure Smooth Perfect Smoothing Cream(6.8 oz)Benefits Heat protectant cream Suitable for daily use Apply a small amount to damp hair...
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Aqua Slide 3.4 oz
SchwarzkopfOSiS+ Aqua Slide(3.4 oz)Benefits Not sticky or greasy Definer and separator Won't weigh down hair Water-oil base
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Elastic Flexible Hairspray 9.1 oz
SchwarzkopfOSiS+ Elastic Flexible Hairspray(9.1 oz)Benefits Light hold hairspray Touchable, natural hold
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Fiber Light 1.7 oz
SchwarzkopfOSiS+ Fiber Light(1.7 oz)Benefits Control level 2 Contains little fibers to help hold style without weighing hair down Keeps hair...

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