Hair Masks

Alfaparf Precious Oil Anti-Frizz Mask 6 oz
Alfaparf Precious OilAnti-Frizz Mask(6 oz)Benefits Eliminates frizz Intensive treatment mask Smooths the hair shaft, detangles and softens hair
Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Discipline Frizz Control Butter Mask 6.9 oz
Alfaparf Semi Di LinoDiscipline Frizz Control Butter Mask(8.45 oz)Benefits Rich, buttery hair mask Adds incredible shine Brightens hair Frizz control...
Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Illuminating Mask 6.9 oz
Alfaparf Semi Di LinoIlluminating Mask(6.9 oz)Benefits Intense hair conditioning mask Revitalizes and softens hair Adds extreme shine
Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Moisture Nutritive Mask 6.9 oz
Alfaparf Semi Di LinoMoisture Nutritive Mask(6.9 oz)Benefits Intense rehydrating hair mask Detangles hair Makes hair more manageable
Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Reconstruction Reparative Mask 6.9 oz
Alfaparf Semi Di LinoReconstruction Reparative Mask(6.9 oz)Benefits Intense reparative treatment Helps reduce breakage Repairs without weighing hair down
Lanza Healing Moisture Moi Moi Hair Masque 4 oz
LanzaHealing Moisture Moi Moi Hair Masque(4 oz)Benefits Weightless formula Preserves hair color
Neuma Moisture Intensive Masque 6.8 oz
NeumaMoisture Intensive Masque(6.8 oz)Benefits Restores moisture to improve texture Chair feels smoother leaves hair full of shine
Neuma Smooth Revitalizing Masque 6.8 oz
NeumaSmooth Revitalizing Masque(6.8 oz)Benefits Hydrates and revitalizes dry brittle hair Leaves hair strong and soft Makes hair more manageable

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