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Using a good hand cream once a day will not only help with cracks and dryness but it will also prevent future problems such as hangnails. When looking for a hand cream it is best to find one that puts moisture back into your hands. Many experts recommend purchasing hand creams with glycerin or lactic acid. These ingredients cause the cream to absorb into the skin rather than just sit on the surface. These specific hand creams containing such ingredients are referred to as humectants. Here are some of our recommendations of hand creams that meet these qualifications.

emerginC Relief Hand Cream
Elemis Sp@home Pr-Collagen Hand & Nail Cream

After the hand cream dries it is recommended to use a second lotion to trap in moisture and create a barrier for longer lasting relief. These types of lotions are most likely the kind most people have lying around their homes. These usually contain ingredients like petroleum and cocoa butter, which make it difficult for the lotion to soak into the skin. Instead, these types of lotions create a barrier to trap in moisture making the humectant lotions more effective when used before. Needless to say, it is easier to find lotion that stays on the surface and creates a barrier than one that soaks in.

In summary, it is recommended by many experts to use two types of lotions when caring for hands. First, use a humectant hand cream that soaks in below the surface and provides true relief from dry hands. Second, a lotion that acts as a barrier trapping in moisture for long lasting relief.

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