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Jan Marini's Story

Jan Marini, President and CEO has been recognized as one of the most esteemed names in the skin care world. Jan pioneered the use of Glycolic Acid and effects on the skin's appearance and overall texture and tone and was the first to introduce a topical Vitamin C. As well as encouraging good skin care usage, Jan Marini also advises overall body health as well as a good diet.


Jan Marini works with leading physicians and scientists and produces products that bring results which are backed by numerous testimonials. Some of Jan Marini's skin products contain Glycolic Acid which dramatically improves skin texture. Products are designed to repair damage and target inflammatory responses that contribute to the visible signs of aging.


Jan Marini is one hundred percent committed in the creation of truly functioning skin care regimens for a myriad of skin types. Some of the most popular products are Marini lash, an eyelash conditioner like no other on the market and the Age Intervention Hair Conditioner. Elegantly packaged, and proven effective, Jan Marini has an answer for your personal skin care need.

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