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Avene's Story

The legend states that during a time of disease and sickness a horse belonging to Marquis of Rocozels was turned loose to roam the Black Mountains in the southwest of France. The horse found a thermal spring near the village of Avene and after drinking from the spring and bathing in its waters, the horses coat became shiny and soon the disease was cured. In 1743 the Marquis of Rocozels built a facility utilizing the thermal spring water and treated patients suffering from atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and burns. In 1871 after the Great Fire of Chicago, bottles of Avene were sent to victims.


In 1990, not far from the old baths a new Avene Hydrotherapy Centered opened with modern touches and accommodations for up to 4,000 patients. The center is connected directly to the source of the spring to ensure the quality of the water. The 40-year journey in the Cevennes Mountain has allowed the water in Avene to have a perfectly balanced mineral composition and is enriched with trace elements and silicates. Avene has been through more than 300 clinical studies to prove efficacy.


Avene is rich is silicates and trace elements to soothe, calm and soften the skin. It has a low salt mineral contact so it will not dry out the skin. It has a pH of 7.5 so it won’t burn or sting the skin and can be sprayed on open, clean wounds.

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