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NIA24’s Story

NIADYNE, INC. was founded in 1997, by scientists Myron Jacobsen, Ph. D & Elaine Jacobsen, Ph. D. NIADYNE, INC. is a privately held company that is involved with researching efficacious molecules that penetrate the skin to address unmet health care needs. Recently, they created NIA24, a brand based on the benefits of a molecule called Niacin.


Pro-Niacin, the main ingredient in the product line, delivers Niacin deep into the skin. In the skin, Niacin helps to stimulate DNA repair and strengthen the skins barrier from the inside out.


These products facilitate the repair of DNA, promotes cellular turnover, reduce unwanted hyperpigmentation and improve the skin’s barrier to protect from future damage. Recently, The National Cancer Institute chose the Pro-Niacin molecule for development as a potential skin cancer prevention agent.

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