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Glytone’s Story

The foundation of Glytone goes way back to 1943 when two pharmacists began producing exclusive dermatological skincare products. Then in 1992, Genesis Pharmaceuticals created GLYTONE as a physician only glycolic acid product line. This line of products offered the highest amount free acid levels available at that time. In 2002 Pierre Fabre a important figure in the world of dermatology for over 40 years, bought Glytone and Genesis. Healthy and safety are important figures in every formulation Pierre Fabre creates.


Glytone is the only line to offer free acid values. This means that if a product states 3.5% Glycolic Free Acid Value, it means that the product contains exactly 3.5% glycolic acid. There are no buffering agents included in their products.


Free acid values combined with the clinically researched ingredients in each Glytone product maximizes efficacy giving the skin long-lasting, visible results.

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