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CosMedix’s Story

Developed with raw all-natural ingredients, CosMedix is a line with prevention in mind. Our skin is assaulted on a daily basis by stress, poor diets, hormones and pollution. CosMedix believes that inflammation is the key factor that causes excessive aging and other chronic problems. Their products do not contain harsh or irritating ingredients reducing the possibility of negative or allergic reactions.


CosMedix formulates all their products using the most active ingredients while eliminating allergic reactions. CosMedix products do not contain artificial colors or preservatives. Chirally correct ingredients are optically active – making them more effective for a result you can actually see. Because they believe inflammation leads to premature and excessive aging their products do not contain glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide and petroleum as these ingredients can cause skin irritation.


CosMedix provides a wide range of treatment objectives for all skin types and conditions. They also have a unique collection of skin nutritional products that provide probiotics, anti-inflammatories and digestive enzymes. Their formulations stimulate a healthy change in the skin through gentle ingredients, providing optimal results.

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