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Blinc's Story

Founded in 1999 with the inspiration to revolutionize and redefine how makeup is make, formulated and applied, Blinc is one of the fastest growing cosmetic companies around. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Blinc currently markets their products all over the world and is growing still.


Blinc’s goal is to redefine the way for how makeup should perform and applied. All of their products are safe for those with sensitive eyes and cannot use traditional eye makeup such as mascara and eyeliner. Their cosmetics will not budge until they’re simply removed with water.


Their ever growing product selection just keeps getting better and better. Their mascara adds gigantic volume and length to lashes, while their brow mousse keeps brows where there’s supposed to be with all natural looking color. This cosmetic line is bound to go far and exceed the expectation of makeup to come.

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